Plastic contamination.

Pollution is undoubtedly one of the main threats to living beings and sadly generated by various human activities.

The term is very broad since it refers to the introduction of substances or other physical elements into a medium, thereby causing a risk or threat to living beings, so there are many forms of contamination, this can be due to the spillage of chemical substances harmful, due to noise and definitely due to the solid waste that we discard daily and in large volumes, one of these waste is plastic.

Plastic became a synthetic replacement for many materials of natural origin and due to its low cost it began to be produced and used exponentially, in such a way that we are literally sunk in a sea of ​​plastic. And precisely the marine ecosystems are threatened by all kinds of plastics that arrive from different sources but mainly from all rivers since they flow into the seas of the world, and as is known, the marine currents move them and accumulate in large patches of various dimensions causing the death of numerous marine species including birds, turtles, dolphins, whales among others.

Everything is based on our consumption, so it is up to us to generate less plastic waste, we have the power of the consumer, so we must analyze our consumption and REJECT, single-use plastic, and the plastic that we discard we must take it to RECYCLE , or at least separate our waste so they have a proper final disposal.

I invite you to watch the following video made by TEDEd, so that you know briefly the history of plastic. Reflect and modify your habits.

A brief history of plastic – YouTube


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