Marietas Islands

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Known as the Mexican Galapagos, is a marine national park protected by environmental federal authorities since April 2005, located at the mouth of Banderas Bay, about 45 minutes by boat from Puerto Vallarta.
Marietas Islands are a volcanic formation made up of 2 islands, Isla Redonda, and Isla Larga, two islets and several sandy rocky shallows and the marine part that surrounds them, so they can be considered as a small archipelago.

To visit the Islands is necessary to go with an authorized vessel with trained guides that could follow established guidelines, beside to pay taxes to keep the islands guarded.
The Marietas Islands constitute a habitat that allows the coexistence of some characteristic marine species of the central and southern Mexican Pacific with those of the Gulf of California and the Pacific coast of Baja California. An important marine bird community nest in the islands including the charismatic blue footed booby bird, so if you are a birdwatcher this is a hot spot.  So, this tour has become a must.


Cost per person: $2,750.00 pesos in share tour, Private tours are available. Inquiry and Reserve NOW.
Note in a share tour It is necessary 4 guest to operate it.
We can organize private tours, please contact us to get details about it
Schedule: 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, meeting time at 9:00 AM

Tour includes:

  • Bilingual Naturalist guides authorized by environmental authorities.
  • Illustrated field guides and didactic material.
  • Hydrophones and speaker system (to listen the whales and dolphins´ vocalizations underwater).
  • Life vest.
  • Dry bags.
  • Lunch.
  • Fruit.
  • Soft drinks and purified water.


Islas Marietas Photo Safari Private Tour focuses on providing a description of the Natural History of Banderas Bay and the geological features that correlate with the Gulf of California as well as a description of the diversity of marine life that inhabit these waters while documenting the beauty of the wild life we encounter and the marine landscapes of the bay.
This tour is also considered to be a Whale Watching & Birdwatching Tour.
Available Dates: All year around from Tuesday through Saturday, It necessary verify availability
Due to the worldwide COVID19 situation and to ensure the safety of our guests we have limited the number of passengers on board our tours and we are implementing high standards of sanitary protocols.
Departures from Los Peines Pier Puerto Vallarta.
Note: We do not serve alcoholic beverages and we do not produce plastic waste on our tours; we provide purified water in thermos, following all sanitary protocols; in case you do not feel comfortable with this, we highly suggest to bring your own thermos and this can be refilled any time with purified water.
It does Not Include Tips or gratitude for the crew.